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Who Will I Be In The Story Of Your Life

You're Old & Ugly...& that's not my fault

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Rogue/Gambit (by Jerri)

You're Old & Ugly...& that's not my fault

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Rogue/Gambit (by Jerri)
 It's mornings like this I wish I were more confrontational. I was getting on the esculator at the 7th ave stop to go to work, and I will admit that there are days, ok most that I don't go all the way to the end of the line, few people do actually, it's more like a merging system. Anyways today I merged in , b/c I have to admit I was running a few moments late, and the two women behind me start bitching to each other about me, and how my whole generation are arrogant & feel self entitled and how it's b/c of how their parents raised them. I am not a confrontational person, mostly b/c I'm better at thinking out things before I say them then just flying off the cuff, but I swear to you I was dying to just turn around and rip into these women. 

First off where do they, who were only maybe ten yrs older than me, which is what I picked up from their whining, calling my generation Arrogent & entitled. Wasn't it "their  generation" that started the whole we are self entitled shit, the teenagers who were having babies, cursing out their parents, fucking over the enviornment? Ok the last one may have been the generation before them but still. Further more where do you hags get off saying it is how my parents raised me? I wanted to just turn and be like actually my parents raised me not to bitch about people within earshot. And further more I'm headed off to work where I goddamn garentee I work longer hours for less money than you do.  Just b/c you are getting a little long in the tooth there is no need to take it out on me.

And of course had I actually said that to them in my head I would have added, and you're ugly too. Just b/c that is how I role.

But enough of my vented frustration, on to happier things. I am thisclose to finishing my Pandora (Guitar Hero) Costume, and last night I ran out to the mall and in 1 hr collected everything that was missing from my Sally costume, and although it might not be authentic Broadway verson Sally, I am quite happy with it. Honestly I can not wait! I was actually watching an eppisode of Cold Case which was sorta set in the right time frame and so it got me in the mood. Sweet! I have to admit I wasn't at all excited until I got everything together. 

And of course I made it home right in time to watch House!!!! Thus creating a happy me. Although I must say there was not nearly enough Chase & more so not enough Wilson in this epp. I do however love that Kumar is still on the show especially now that I discovered that Harold was on an epp in season one....now all they need is for NPH to be on. I feel he should go on and hang out with Wilson...b/c that would be perfection for me...just a thought.
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