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Who Will I Be In The Story Of Your Life

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Rogue/Gambit (by Jerri)

Another verse Another chapter

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Girls Just wanna have fun
Well New Years weekend was fun. I had off thursday so I vegged and on Friday I trecked out to NJ the train got misrouted and I ended up getting to dover like 45 mins late...and considering it's an hour an a half train ride when everything goes smoothly I was a bit tired and cranky. No matter though Steve and I went out to Outback...oh I was quite a happy camper there lol. We came home and I met Aunt Barb anf Uncle Donna, lol. Then Steve's parents had me open gifts lol I got this really nice pink sweater form old navy, a visa gift card AND FAMILY GUY TRIVIA GAME! Which of course Steve and I played all weekend. We watched some simpsons and went to bed. 

We slept in on a saturday and just sorta vegged all day, which was nice. We had a family dinner, went to look at the some of the lights and went to bed, it was a nice relaxing day.

Sunday I hopped a train to the city to see closing night of Wedding Singer. So fun, sad that it's closed. Stephen was so adorably funny, vicki and jerri wrote far better reviews than I can come up with. It was nice to see them and joy. I was sad that I didn't get to stick around at stage door even if it was a bit crazy. But I had to haul ass back to NJ to get ready to go to greg's.

It was a VERY interesting night to say the least....I have awesome friends, and honeslty the best boy a girl could ask for. Yeah...so now we're in 2007...crazy right...I think i'm use this year to growup a bit...sounds odd I mean i don't really wanna grow up, just be a little more independent...time to move forward not back.
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