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Rogue/Gambit (by Jerri)



August 17th, 2008

Last Night

Rogue/Gambit (by Jerri)
Last night was the BBQ. It was fun, smaller than last year, but that was ok. I was happy Joy and Tom came for a little bit, it was nice to see them. Everyone seemed to get along, so that was good. It was fun and I was happy to see everyone.

It was nice to be able to just chill and relax with everyone. I feel like I never get to see anyone anymore, which I guess is partically true. I'm just so tired and stressed lately. Weekends are the only real time I have and more often than not those are spent either schlepping to NJ or waiting for Steve to come here. Otherwise I don't get to see him, which is sad, as it is I hardly saw him this weekend. It's sad really, he didn't end up making it to the house till like 3pm and then he had to go pick some stuff up come back & cook and such. By the time we went up to bed we were both so tired we just passed out. This morning the boys played rock band all morning, I made breakfast, and Steve helped. Still I feel like I hardly saw him and that makes me sad.

I don't know it's such a weird place in my life right now. Especially now that he's out of school. I mean at least when he was at school he was a 1/2 hour closer and let's face it it was like our own little apartment, w/ three strangely loveable roomates. Now, well it's just harder, the traveling sucks and no longer can I stay over on Sundays since it takes so long to get to the city that I wouldn't be able to make it to work on time. It's just harder than I thought, I mean granted most of our relationship has been long distance, but it just seems harder lately. I miss him, & I really do love him.

I didn't mean for  this entry to be so whiny, I really did have a lot of fun last night.  Drunk Tom is fun, though I think he spooked Vixie a little. I'd forgotten that Drunk Tom does impressions when he's drunk, he used to do Jack Sparrow, now apparently he's switched to the Joker. Which is pretty amusing unless like Vixie you haven't seen Dark Knight. ... then it's sorta creepy. LoL. I didn't realize he was so far gone till we were in the middle of a serious conversation with him and he leaned in real close and started his Joker impersination.  It was amusing.

June 9th, 2008

And so I resurface. Since I started my new job I've just been Soooo tired...no tired isn't the right word I've been drained. So much has happened since I started working for Innovative Artists. The office is huge, I work long hours and I am just now starting to "adjust" so to speak.

Saturday Steve& I went to Six Flags!!! It  was my first time ever and it was AWESOME!!! The Superman ride was my favorite. We got season passes so I have some free admitions if anyone wants to plan a trip.

Went to the outlets w/ Jerri, Vixie, Lauren, Joy & Joanne  this weekend, which was really nice. I really needed stuff that I could wear for work so I fully shopped till I dropped w/ the clothes. From Gap I got a black sundress, brown Capries, this really cute green top that Jerri found for me, a teal/green white floral sundress, and a really cute denim sundress that Joy bought me (well Joy's birthday money bought me lol).

Pepperidge Farm made me happy as perusual, I bought xplosive Pizza fish...of course and mini mint malanos...yummmmmm

We went to Claire's and I bought a whole bunch of dollar stuff, cute footless tights and knee socks, a snake bracelet, guitar, Monkey & devil heart earrings, a couple of Link Larkin Necklesses and a Link heart ring.

At Bath & Body works, I got a pink & a blue rubber duckie, I also bought a couple of travel warm vanilla sugar lotions, a shimmer japanese cherry blossom lotion, mango manderin body butter and pearberry body cream. I shall be hence forth well moisturized.

Old Navy went pretty well too, I found a burnt orange halter, black & nay tanks, a teal wrap dress, denim shorts, a pink t-shirt & skinny black pants

At the Disney outlet, I got a little Pip doll, who ended up being only 99 cents, can we say SCORE! ANd I found a really cute Sally (from Nightmare before Christmas) t-shirt for $1.99.

I found a really cute halter and a super soft zip up hoody.

But by far my best purchess was the leather jacket that I simply FELL IN LOVE WITH!

I mean Seriously is that not KICK ASS?!?!?

Anyways I had a really great time hanging out w/ the ladies. I always do. It's nice to have car ride sing-a-longs and just chill and SHOP!!! I love the fact that I can remenice about what we did "last week five years ago". I am SO tired today, but this weekend was so nice.

November 3rd, 2007

this sucks.............

This week  was probably the WORST week I have ever had. And today was by far the worst of it so far. I litterally want to curl up & die. Ok maybe not die but sleep till next millenium.

October 24th, 2007

 It's mornings like this I wish I were more confrontational. I was getting on the esculator at the 7th ave stop to go to work, and I will admit that there are days, ok most that I don't go all the way to the end of the line, few people do actually, it's more like a merging system. Anyways today I merged in , b/c I have to admit I was running a few moments late, and the two women behind me start bitching to each other about me, and how my whole generation are arrogant & feel self entitled and how it's b/c of how their parents raised them. I am not a confrontational person, mostly b/c I'm better at thinking out things before I say them then just flying off the cuff, but I swear to you I was dying to just turn around and rip into these women. 

First off where do they, who were only maybe ten yrs older than me, which is what I picked up from their whining, calling my generation Arrogent & entitled. Wasn't it "their  generation" that started the whole we are self entitled shit, the teenagers who were having babies, cursing out their parents, fucking over the enviornment? Ok the last one may have been the generation before them but still. Further more where do you hags get off saying it is how my parents raised me? I wanted to just turn and be like actually my parents raised me not to bitch about people within earshot. And further more I'm headed off to work where I goddamn garentee I work longer hours for less money than you do.  Just b/c you are getting a little long in the tooth there is no need to take it out on me.

And of course had I actually said that to them in my head I would have added, and you're ugly too. Just b/c that is how I role.

But enough of my vented frustration, on to happier things. I am thisclose to finishing my Pandora (Guitar Hero) Costume, and last night I ran out to the mall and in 1 hr collected everything that was missing from my Sally costume, and although it might not be authentic Broadway verson Sally, I am quite happy with it. Honestly I can not wait! I was actually watching an eppisode of Cold Case which was sorta set in the right time frame and so it got me in the mood. Sweet! I have to admit I wasn't at all excited until I got everything together. 

And of course I made it home right in time to watch House!!!! Thus creating a happy me. Although I must say there was not nearly enough Chase & more so not enough Wilson in this epp. I do however love that Kumar is still on the show especially now that I discovered that Harold was on an epp in season one....now all they need is for NPH to be on. I feel he should go on and hang out with Wilson...b/c that would be perfection for me...just a thought.

October 17th, 2007

Random museings

Rogue/Gambit (by Jerri)
I've been feeling rather nostalgic lately. It happens every now & then. I'm supposed to write a bio for the KSA website...and currently have NO IDEA what to write. It's due by Monday. I looked at other people's bios to try and get ideas and it just made me depressed at how unaccomplished I seem to be. I know I'm still young and yada yada yada but still.

I've become mildly obsessed Across the Universe. If you haven't seen it yet GO! I don't even know how to describe it really. First of all it's highly amusing to see all those actors that I "know" in the movie. The whole movie is like spot the people, which I always find fun. Spencer did an awesome job. I'm so proud of him. Not sure why I'm proud exactly but you know. And the music....amazing. I mean you know it's gonna be good b/c it's Beatles music, but the arrangements were fantastic. I could live without the whole creepy circus bit, but it has Eddie Izzard!!!! Which of course prompted me to stay up WAY to late last night watching Dressed to Kill on you tube. If you've never seen that I suggest you go do it soon. "Executive Transvestite" That's all I'm saying.

I found Gummy bears in my fridge and am now devouring them. When we first started dating, Steve used to bring me GIANT bags of gummy bears when he would come visit...I'm not gonna lie I kinda miss that. I'm glad that it's getting closer to the weekend b/c I get to see Steve this weekend. I didn't see him all last weekend and I left early the weekend before. I know it's kinda riddiculous but I miss him.

I wish there were more exciting things happening in my life. Andi's off traveling the world with her job and I'm sitting at a desk with a TON of work infront of me. Not soo thrilled to go take care of all that in the morning.  I don't hate my job though and right now there's even talk about me going to see opening night of Young Frankenstein...I'm trying not to get excited or my hopes up, b/c when ever I do something ends up falling through. But yeah like I said, I don't hate my job, I just feel like I'm sort of in a rut lately. Not just in work, in life really.  Meh, it's a phase happens all the time, just wish I knew how to fix it.

On to Happier things, I was watching Pushing Daisies, b/c I'm sorta in love with that show, and I got oober excited though b/c RAUL WAS ON!!!! and I it sounds like he  might be reoccuring! SWEET!!!! Does a happy little dance.

I'm currently watching Ghost Hunters, which kinda makes me wanna go see haunted sites...and then I realize a) I'm a would probably be scared whittless and b) Big Eric just got a huge fine for tesspassing while visiting a Weird NJ site. SO yeah probably not gonna be doing any of that anytime soon. For now I shall just watch Ghost Hunters and let someone else do the dirty work. Paranormal stuff always reminds me of FDU. That place is riddiculously haunted. I mean I'm not one to jump to the ghosts conclusion, but there is some freaky shit going on there. Of course since the family was so wealthy there is no records, but there is some stuff there. Plenty of other people have experianced it. I have too. The suite I lived in Sophmore & junior year was haunted. Luckily it was a nice ghost. A little boy his name was Matt, his aunt drowned him in swampy like area where my building was built. Essentually he just did little pranks moving stuff, fiddling with the temperature, tapping on walls. My Sophomore year he flipped a whole pan of pumpkin seeds off the center of the table. The pan flipped in the air & landed right side up with only like 5 seeds falling off the tray. It happened right in front of me. I mean Matt was pretty well behaved. There are other things on that campus that I'd rather not think about. There's just so much violence surrouding those grounds, and not all of it is in the past. Last year was the first school year since '01-'02 that someone from the campus hasn't died.

I remember my Sophomore year on Halloween on of my sorority sisters, who always claimed that there was some sort of presence in her suite decided to put here theory to the test. She and a few other sisters took pictures in her room and a few other supposedly haunted places on campus. While all the photos had some sort of orbing or shadows the most disturbing photo was one taken in her room, the room was lit only by candles and I SWEAR to you not only are there orbs in the photo but right above her shoulder is a FACE. An actual sinister looking face. I wish I still had the photo but I kid you not it was freaky as hell.

I'm not gonna lie when I had classes that wouldn't get out till after dark, I'd find someone in the class to walk back with. It wasn't that I was afraid of getting attacked it's just that the whole campus was soo creepy. I swear one day when I was walking back from the train on the freaky path of death, as I so lovingly deemed the bike path behind campus, that a whole of group of people walked by not making a sound....I swear to you I don't think they were real, if you get what I mean. Uh yeah.....

That's enough of my rambling I suppose. Hopefully there is more to come.

Shudder, seriously I wish there was some sort of documentation on all of this.

April 17th, 2007

And I'm Barely in it....but come on this IS rockstar me!

March 16th, 2007

She lives

Rogue/Gambit (by Jerri)
SO I haven't updated in FOREVER! Not because nothing has happened, far from it actually. I just haven't had the time or energy as of late. Don't right now either b/c I'm still at work, but wanted to say I am alive and surviving. Starting a life makeover to make myself happier we'll see how that goes.

January 10th, 2007


Rogue/Gambit (by Jerri)
So this past weekend was was fun, went down to PA and got to see Jeannie. I went down after work on Friday and met up with Jeannie, Kevin, JoJo and her boyfriend and we went out to Apple Bees and watched Under the rainbow...it was HYSTERICAL. The most hysterical movie I have ever seen...yeah seriously check it out, there are midgets..it's funny.

Saturday afternoon we went out to lunch with Jeannie's mom, we went to a Greek place which was SO good. I forget how much I love greek food. Then there was a trip to the park for a hike which was fun. I didn't die or fall into any puddles so that was good.

Then off to Jeannie's dad's we met up with some people and then we went to Philly. Dinner was nice we went to a crepe place...dinner was good, Desert was BETTER! Bananas, chocolate, carmel and Vanella ice creme...oh that's right your mouths are watering I know.

After dinner it was off to the concert, yeah that's right I saw Mandy Patinkin in Concert...OMG...yeah. It was AWESOMENESS. He sang "Oh what a Circus" from Evita "Bring him Home" from Les Mis and "It's Not Easy Being Green!" seriously I love him. He sang all sorts of stuff but those were my faves. He really has an amazing voice. He talked about his family and all sorts of fun stories too. And at the end of the concert he said "I just want to leave you with these words" and then he jumped into the fencing pose and HE SAID IT!! Oh that's right I heard Mandy Patinkin say  "Hello. My name is Inigo Montoya. You killed my father prepare to die." I screamed...not kidding litterally screamed!

We got to meet him afterwords, and he was really nice too. Seriously though AWESOME night, just Awesome.

On to more pressing news...EIGHT DAYS!!!! I really am about to explode!

January 8th, 2007

Though due to lack of time, I'm gonna have to wait.....However I HAD to post the fact that TOM FUCKIN' RYAN requested me as a friend on Facebook!!!! WHAT THE HELL PEOPLE!

January 3rd, 2007

Well New Years weekend was fun. I had off thursday so I vegged and on Friday I trecked out to NJ the train got misrouted and I ended up getting to dover like 45 mins late...and considering it's an hour an a half train ride when everything goes smoothly I was a bit tired and cranky. No matter though Steve and I went out to Outback...oh I was quite a happy camper there lol. We came home and I met Aunt Barb anf Uncle Donna, lol. Then Steve's parents had me open gifts lol I got this really nice pink sweater form old navy, a visa gift card AND FAMILY GUY TRIVIA GAME! Which of course Steve and I played all weekend. We watched some simpsons and went to bed. 

We slept in on a saturday and just sorta vegged all day, which was nice. We had a family dinner, went to look at the some of the lights and went to bed, it was a nice relaxing day.

Sunday I hopped a train to the city to see closing night of Wedding Singer. So fun, sad that it's closed. Stephen was so adorably funny, vicki and jerri wrote far better reviews than I can come up with. It was nice to see them and joy. I was sad that I didn't get to stick around at stage door even if it was a bit crazy. But I had to haul ass back to NJ to get ready to go to greg's.

It was a VERY interesting night to say the least....I have awesome friends, and honeslty the best boy a girl could ask for. Yeah...so now we're in 2007...crazy right...I think i'm use this year to growup a bit...sounds odd I mean i don't really wanna grow up, just be a little more independent...time to move forward not back.
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